Brady Corporation

Brady Corporation is manufacturer of complete solutions that identify and protect people, products and places!

Each year, Brandy hosts an in person Leadership Summit, with a new unique theme, for select employees from across the world. In 2017 and then again in 2022, I’ve worked with their internal marketing team to create logos and designs for the summit based on that years theme and Brady’s branding guidelines.

Projects include:

  • Logos
  • Custom die-cut magnetic folder
  • Multi page booklets
  • Single page inserts
  • Signs
  • Perfect bound attendee booklet
  • Notebook
  • Powerpoint template

*GT Creative partnership project


Branding + Logo Design
Print Design

2017 Innovation At Work Theme Logo

  • The triangle play button not only represents the triangle shapes used in the Brady brand but acts as a play button inside the O. Brady is ready to press play on creating new innovative products and technologies.
  • The colors and shapes within the words create an effect of movement. They almost appear as if they could start moving and evolving at any minute or as soon as play is pressed.
  • The red line represents the “red thread that links Brady’s heritage to the company’s future”.

2017 Big Ideas Challenge Logo

  • Gold metals and blue ribbons are associated with excellence and winning, while a gear is a symbol for work in motion. Winning never comes without hard work. It takes setting one’s gears into motion in order to create the best innovative product or technology to win this challenge. 
  • The human shape in the center displays that people are at the center of this challenge; the Brady innovators and those, from all around the world, who will benefit from the new products and technologies.
  • All 4 elements come together to create this one award just as they come together in real life.

Alternative Logo Concepts

2022 Charging Ahead Theme Logo

  • Per Brady’s request a horse of some sort was to be used.
  • The charge/lighting bolt symbol not only matches the triangular aspects of Brady’s brand but furthers the idea of charging forward with force.

Alternative Logo Concepts

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