Contemporary Pull

Contemporary Pull is an innovative, high end, hardware line. This one of a kind aluminum pull line was created to be installed flush with cabinetry resulting in a modern clean look.

Being a new product on the market Contemporary Pull frequents trade shows and meetings with wholesalers. Because of this it’s important they have a leave behind for anyone interested.

A custom, die cut folder was created to house all of their important content. The folders die cut uses the logo shape to mimic how the pulls work; by placing your fingers into the slots and pulling the door (or in this case, folder) open. Many additional printed pieces were designed to be placed within the folder. Those designs range from:

  • A brochure showcasing the 4 product lines
  • A press kit
  • Installation manual
  • Many sell sheets that display pricing and so fourth
  • Stickers
  • Business cards

Online display ads and social media images were created to help Contemporary Pull promote their product line, and gain brand awareness and customers.

Last but not least a website was also created. The websites main goal is to simply showcase the beauty of the line with a lot of images, and direct viewers to contact them.

*GT Creative partnership project


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