Twisted Tops

As a new Professional Bartending service Twisted Tops was in need of a website to aid in launching their business.

The website is slim and straight forward. When launching a website for a new brand it’s important for the potential client to immediately know what they do, how they do it, and what the end destination is. With that in mind, we were very intentional about what information was used, how it’s worded, and how the content is laid out.

The primary objective of the website is to prompt users to schedule a free consultation by utilizing a form integrated with their management software, Honeybook. This was accomplished by strategically placing “Schedule a Consultation” buttons across the website. The action of “Schedule a Consultation” garners a higher click-through rate compared to ‘Book Now’ because it requires less of an immediate commitment by the potential client. The Honeybook form, embeded in the website, easily allows the user to fill in their personal info, answer a few specific questions about their needs, and choose a date and time for the consultation. Honeybook is then set to automate confirmation emails so much of the leg work is hands off for the business owners.

Prior to this website, Twisted Tops did not have a clear visual brand; they only had a black and white logo. It was clear we needed to do a bit of branding before the website visuals could be designed. Though this process we were able to define colors, fonts, and imagery that visually represent who they are and what vibe they want their clients to feel.


Website Design + Development

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